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Unique SHT self-healing technique

SHT INFINITY – “The best of all galaxies”

Live Event on 11. and 12. May 2024 in Padenghe sul Garda

Self-Healing Technique

Do you want to get  your life force back and heal yourself in a simple and fast way from pain or illness, mental or physical issues?  This is possible with the SHT techniques by Roberto Antela Martinez. Get acquainted with some of the most unique self-healing techniques from the SHT in a seminar or learn the total package of self-healing techniques training to become an SHT-Mastercoach .

SHT at Welt der Wunder


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Selflove Seminar


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In 2022, various seminars will be organized to get acquainted with some healing techniques from the SHT, namely:

SHT Easy Seminar

The goal of the self-healing techniques according to Roberto s to turn illness into health and anxiety into calmness.

SHT Relief Seminar

Do you want to get rid of a trauma, an addiction or an allergy? Then take part in the SHT Relief seminar.

SHT Intensive Seminar

The SHT-Intensive Seminar is an advanced version of the SHT, that is more time-consuming than SHT-Easy.

SHT Wellbeing Seminar

During this seminar we will direct our focus on your harmonization and protection.

SHT Access Seminar

The 3rd eye is the direct channel to the source, direct communication with subconscious mind and your inner child

SHT Mastercoach Training

If you want to know all self-healing methods, you can join extensive training to become SHT Mastercoach.

Who is Roberto Antela Martinez?

Roberto Antela Martinez is from Spain with Native American descent. He was seriously ill from birth and spent almost a year in intensive care.

How SHT® came about

Using everything he learned in years of traveling the world in search for his own healing reaching from techniques, methods, trainings, initiations, rarely shown shamanic techniques as well as his own functional methods, Roberto then combined the best techniques and applications into ONE holistic system.

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