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About Us

What is SHT?

SHT consists of several methods of self-healing. Everyone has this capacity for self-healing within them, but many people do not know how to use these abilities anymore. With this ability, you can create a pain-free life full of health, happiness and prosperity. No prior knowledge is required.  You just have to be willing to invest time in yourself.

The SHT was developed in 26 years by Roberto Antela Martinez (see also Who is Roberto Altena Martinez and How SHT® came about) and is based on a holistic understanding of the processes in humans.

The SHT is a synthesis of spirituality and modern, physical-scientific findings. It includes elements from:

  • spiritual healing methods from indigenous cultures
  • traditional Chinese medicine
  • the Indian chakra theory
  • quantum or matrix healing
  • aura surgery
  • new Russian healing technologies
  • comprehensible laws of nature
  • the latest knowledge from energy medicine
  • quantum physics
  • healing and consciousness research.

The SHT self-healing technique has a direct effect at the cellular level. Due to the changed energy field of the person, the external reality also changes. This can be immediately noticeable physically or emotionally and/or initiate processes that then bring about changes.

Who is Roberto Antela Martinez?

Roberto Antela Martinez is from Spain with Native American descent. He was seriously ill from birth and spent almost a year in intensive care. Doctors had already given up on him. As a result, his mother decided to take him home so that he could die at home. Against all odds, Roberto stayed alive, but also spent years in and out of the hospital. As a result of preeclampsia in his mother, he suffered severe pains, including constant gastrointestinal pain, unbearable head, muscle and joint pain. He was operated several times and a large part of his intestines were removed. Sometimes his pains were so severe that he lost consciousness, after which he was driven back to the hospital by ambulance.

As if that wasn’t enough, his eyesight deteriorated and he developed severe pollen and grass allergies and food intolerances. In addition to his physical pain, there were psychological side effects such as lack of concentration, increased anxiety, a feeling of powerlessness, inner restlessness. These issues then caused mood swings, severe depression and hopelessn


At 19 years of age, he was so desperate that he was about to throw the towel. In a last-ditch effort, he wanted to find the cause of the diseases that defined his everyday life. He became obsessed with everything that had to do with “healing”, reading countless books on alternative medicine, spiritual healing, Tibetan healing, Reiki according to Japanese and Tibetan tradition, energy work, karma and soul healing. He also learned about different frequencies, low and higher vibrations and much more. From that moment on, he sought refuge in alternative ways of healing, attended seminars, made contact with holistic doctors, healers and shamans.

He traveled the world and hoped to find answers to various questions in the most diverse ancient cultures, focusing on their traditional ceremonies and healing methods. He wanted to trace the mysterious energies that are crucial for the emergence of life and for the preservation of our existence. It has been a long spiritual journey, searching for the meaning of our lives in the mysteries of the universe.

During his search, he learned applications and techniques with amazing effects that immediately took away his headaches and intestinal pain. He no longer needed medication. He realized that mind, body and soul are deeply linked to one another and influence each other. When he learned to communicate on the soul level, he received answers to his questions.

How SHT® came about

Using everything he learned in years of traveling the world in search for his own healing reaching from techniques, methods, trainings, initiations, rarely shown shamanic techniques as well as his own functional methods, Roberto then combined the best techniques and applications into ONE holistic system.

This resulted in the SHT ®, a self-healing method developed over more than 26 years to activate the self-healing powers for humans, animals and plants.

Quote from Roberto Antela Martinez:

“In 30-years of traveling the world in search for health, I have met amazing people, mystics, healers, medicine men and women, shamans and spiritual healing methods and experienced help and initiations. I was allowed to immerse myself in a world full of incredible things, phenomena and forces that, in the years before I could not access, because until then I had no access to alternative medicine “energy medicine” and only knew conventional medicine. I was constantly looking for some kind of basic technique that was not confusing and found a variety of methods, techniques, and systems for health and self-realization.

After I was healthy and full of life energy at the age of 47 – after all these years of suffering and despair – I realized that I had found a new way to help everyone – humans, animals and nature – activate their own self-healing powers and thus develop their full creative power. I feel great humility and gratitude for what has been given to me. Our of gratitude for my healing, I was dedicated  to making this system accessible to everyone to bring health, happiness, as well as helping attract love and light into life and all of existence. This self-healing method is so easy to learn and apply that virtually anyone can use it for themselves and others. In my opinion, it is ideal and universally applicable. You can apply it anywhere and at any time to help yourself, your family, friends, patients or other people.”

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