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Extensive SHT Mastercoach Training

Full and extensive Training to become a SHT Mastercoach

If you would like to get to know all the self-healing methods from the SHT, you can attend the extensive training to become a SHT Mastercoach.

This unique combination combines thousands of years old Far Eastern, Asian, Indian and Western healing techniques successfully and has helped thousands of people. Using the simplest teaching techniques, each person is given an ingenious key to open SHT® for use in themselves and others in the shortest possible time. Existential life questions such as fears, burnout, stress, mental or physical illnesses and suffering can thus be managed and solved immediately.

The SHT Techniques are very effective and are completely different from anything known so far. In a very uncomplicated and easy way, you can transform physical, psychological and emotional blockages in yourself and others and clarify life topics such as, partnership, profession, money, well-being, satisfaction, etc. A central topic here is activating the self-healing ability to strengthen health and vitality. But in the same way, the method releases hidden potential and reminds us of our life plan (primordial matrix). Confidence in yourself and your abilities are strengthened, intuition is refined and your consciousness is expanded.


  • can be used to help humans or animals, regardless of age, and has no side effects or undesirable reactions.
  • is based on understandable laws of nature and a holistic understanding of human processes and at the same time contains the latest findings from energy medicine, healing and consciousness research as well as  the knowledge of quantum physics.
  • is a synthesis of spirituality and modern, physical-scientific findings.
  • is a healing system and not a generalized technique that in turn only treats or suppresses symptoms for a short time – it involves lasting and holistic healing, by solving and recognizing the mental cause.

Content of the training

Letting go of hindering behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs

  • Recognition of that which is not good for you
  • Becoming more consciously aware of what you want in life
  • Focus on the now and your future, instead of your past

Discharge of toxins

  • Free yourself from toxins from everyday life
  • Releasing toxic thoughts, emotions

Aura surgery

  • Healing of the body through its energy field
  • Energy medicine of the new era
  • The secrets of aura surgery

Atlantis Knowledge

  • Primordial knowledge of humanity
  • Hermetic laws
  • The knowledge and effect of the Atlantic symbols

Animal communication

  • Mutual communication through language and feelings
  • Become one with your pets and other animals
  • Trauma

Mesmeric principle / Healing Magnetism

  • Energy work according to the doctor Franz Anton Mesmer
  • Harmonize your life energy

SHT® self-healing technique

  • Deep Effect on mind, body and soul
  • Bringing chakras and meridians back into divine harmony
  • Kahi – the Hawaiian magic touch (quantum matrix healing),
  • DNA renewal
  • Traditional Chinese meridian stimulation for all organs

Ho oponopono in its purest form

  • Ritual for forgiving from Hawaii
  • Unification of body and mind
  • Cleaning of the morphic field


  • The key to your self love
  • Love is the solution to all problems, issues and ailments
  • If you get into your self-love, studies have shown that up to 70 percent of all your issues are solved

The organ clock

  • Live in harmony with your internal clock
  • Increase the efficiency of all SHT techniques/resources used by using them at the right time
  • Recognize possible connections between your bodily issues and weaknesses of your organs

Healing knowledge of the Australian aborigines

  • Trauma and shock clearing
  • Resolve stressful emotions in minutes

Allergy clearing

  • Uncomplicated, efficient and work within minutes
  • Different techniques from all over the world

Native American addiction clearing

  • Become free from addictions such as chocolate, nicotine, etc. within minutes
  • Without a replacement addiction occurring

Changing the molecular structure of Food

  • Turn genetically modified food into high-quality organic food through information transfer
  • It works within minutes
  • You don’t need any tools to do this, just yourself

Chi Gung

  • Basic knowledge of the different forms
  • Physical exercises
  • Energy work

Change your destiny

  • If you change your beliefs, you change your life
  • Anyone can change the course of their destiny at any time
  • Subconscious programming


  • Reach goals up to 100 times faster
  • Different forms of application

VIP Spiritual Healing

  • Safe, effective and efficient

Strengthen your intuition

  • Increase intuitive perception
  • Recognize the links between disease and disharmony
  • Make decisions easier
  • Recognize one’s own life path more clearly

Opening the third eye

  • Mentally
  • Manually
  • Expand your mental abilities

The spiritual laws and their resonant power

  • How do I use these laws correctly?
  • Karma Clearing

Conscious breathing

  • Importance and effect of breathing on our health
  • Relaxation and sleep techniques
  • Breathe away pain

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