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SHT Relief Seminar

SHT Relief Seminar​

Do you want to get rid of a trauma, an addiction or an allergy? Then take part in the SHT Relief seminar.

Trauma clearing

Shock experiences freeze our ENERGY

Sometimes we end up in situations that are a shocking experience for body and mind. Accidents, surgeries, serious illnesses, violent attacks, loss of loved ones, but also “minor” incidents such as rejection, shame or contempt for personality can be experienced as a shock. In such a situation, it can happen that our normal free-flowing energy in our physical and psychological energy system become blocked and “freezes”.

A trauma is a multi-level injury. It can cause symptoms such as anxiety, pain, sleep disturbances, a feeling of threat, powerlessness, depression, emptiness, fatigue, shortness of breath etc. Often negative mental patterns arise that also block our life situation (e.g. life is threatening, I do not feel safe, I am not able).  

Resolving energetic blockages

The blocked energies are enabled to flow again through the energetic healing work. This allows the cause of the symptoms to disappear and gives you access to the original, free-flowing energy of source.  

Addiction clearing

Many of us are addicted. Some examples of addiction are work, cigarettes or nicotine, alcohol, sugar or sweets. There are so many different forms of addiction. When I’m addicted, I’m dependent, I’m trying to compensate for something. I’m looking for something I consciously don’t really know. I’m trying to fill an unknown void. But because I don’t know how to close this gap, I compensate for it with an addiction.

Resolution of the cause

The SHT addiction clearing is a technique which has its origin from the North American Native Indians and has been reinforced by Roberto so that it works on even deeper levels. In a best case, the cause of the addiction can be reached and solved. Experience has shown that no replacement addictions arise with this technique, because the cause has been remedied.

The SHT addiction resolution is suitable for all types of addiction.

Allergy clearing

Allergies can seriously affect life, unnecessarily reduce quality of life, or even determine your everyday life. They usually stem from disharmonies from within. These are very deep-seated problems, and the triggers of which are often hidden in the subconscious mind. All of our past experiences are anchored there in the subconscious mind. And this is exactly where the SHT allergy clearing techniques come into play.

This is easy as 1-2-3

With the SHT Allergy clearing techniques you will learn how to easily get rid of all your allergies! You solve the root cause of your allergies and harmonize what has become unbalanced. Enjoy your life to the fullest – without sacrifices and limitations. Even though each allergy technique is very effective in itself, we still recommend using all of the allergy clearing techniques.

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